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‘The Fate of Fausto’ by Oliver Jeffers

The Fate of Fausto


A greedy man who thinks he owns everything, sets out to review his domain. He tells the flower, “You are mine,” and the flower agrees. Fausto declares the same to the sheep and the mountain, who also agree. But when Fausto sets out in a boat, things don’t go his way.

I’ve been a fan of Oliver Jeffers since reading ‘How to Catch a Star’ to my son a few years ago. The artwork in this book is lovely and as always, Jeffers’ tale is not a simple one – rather it’s one that prompts questions about ownership, greed and human rights. Considering the ending is not exactly a happy one, it’s also a book that should be read with a child, rather than simply passing it on as a gift – this is a book that requires discussion.

A beautifully made and well-imagined book for young and old.

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‘Scavengers’ by Darren Simpson








Forager and scavenger Landfill lives with wooflers, swims with turtles and tries to stick to the rules outlined by Babagoo, but the rule about not going outside is one Landfill is desperate to break.

This is an interesting and potentially very clever book that centres around the relationship between its two main characters. Dealing with issues around control, abuse and emotional support, the author tells a story that is by turns, hopeful, sad and affectionate. Having said that, the story didn’t draw me in as much as I’d expected, and the world of the Hinterland didn’t ring true. While I’m sure readers of ten and up will love it, the book felt a bit artificial to me.

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