As well as writing novels I also write occasional short stories – sometimes spooky, sometimes not. Usually I give these away as free downloads, so dig in!

When Darkness Falls

Walking home on Hallowe’en, three lads must pass a supposedly haunted barn. But who is the ghost, and what does she want?

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A Tale for Halloween

Two children at a Halloween party decide to go looking for their friend in the woods, but they discover something they weren’t expecting.,,

“Come all, come here on this magic night
And listen close by candle light
To a tale of things that are sometimes seen
On a night like this, on Halloween…”

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Shoals O’ Herring

Tired of his day job, young Stevie joins the crew of a fishing trawler – but life at sea isn’t as romantic as he expects.

“It was November and it was cold, and I wasn’t getting along very well with the skipper. We’d only been away from port a few days, but I knew I never, ever, wanted to go to sea again…”

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