‘Pants on Fire’ by JM Joseph

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

Aidan Sweeney (also known as Fire Boy) gets his flaming super-powers under control just as the circus where he performs his act is due to leave town. As if that wasn’t enough, journalists are prowling around trying to find out the source of Fire Boy’s powers, while an American theatre mogul offers Aidan the chance to whizz off to the US to star in a big show.

This is book two in the Fire Boy series and though I hadn’t read the first one and can verify the book works well as a stand-alone, it’d be sensible to read ‘Fire Boy’ first to fully appreciate ‘Pants on Fire’. I love that this book starts with a quiz, is packed with newspaper articles, additional notes and text messages, which break up the story but add more humour to an already witty and snigger-making read.

The author’s writing style makes this an entertaining and easy-to-read book with lots of amusing and interesting characters such as Sloane Sixsmith and Max Goldman. In fact, the only criticism I can make is that there are way too many exclamation marks! Too many!!

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