‘The Drama Llama’ by Rachel Morrisroe and Ella Okstad

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

Sometimes Alex Allen gets worried about things – things like making a fool of himself, falling out with his sister, or getting an answer wrong in class. But Alex doesn’t react like other children – instead, whenever he starts to worry, a llama appears! How can Alex keep his worries under control and get rid of the llama?

Penned by Rachel Morrisroe and with colourful pictures by Ella Okstad, this is a very funny and heart-warming little book about how to stay calm and not let your worries upset you. Written in clever rhyming verses and with gorgeous illustrations, the story involves a boy whose habit of worrying about things produces a huge pink llama and how Alex learns to control it and stay cool when things get difficult.

A charming and amusing book aimed at children up to five years old.

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