Skeleton Cove

In the town of Skelton Cove, strange things are happening. School pals and horror fans Jeff and Suzi Q decide to find out why…  

The Demon of Devilgate Drive

Series: Skeleton Cove Horror, Book 1

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A murder in Nightmare Alley. A missing boy. A demon on the loose. On the hunt for the elusive Jimmy Brick, 12-year-old Jeff and his pal Suzi find more than they bargained for at Harry McSpawn’s pool hall. But it’s a mysterious business card that gets Jeff wondering what it is that Jimmy has got himself into. Haunted by a series of nightmares, Jeff sets out to discover exactly what’s going on in Skeleton Cove, and why the long-dead Nathaniel Darke is still exerting his malevolent influence over the town…

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The Curse of Calico Jack

The second book in my middle grade Skeleton Cove Horror series, is a new mystery for Jeff and Suzi Q:

Something cold and wet hit the back of my neck.
I looked up, but there was nothing to see, only never-ending blackness. An icy draught blew across my face making me wince. Blinking, I shook my head. Was this a dream? Was I in the middle of some outlandish nightmare? Struggling to focus my thoughts, the last thing I could remember was the party. But this was no celebration…
“Uh.” The voice was so unexpected, it made me jump and a sudden pain shot up my leg. The course surface of whatever I was sitting on had scraped my ankle. It must be a rock, or a ledge of some sort, I thought, moving my legs away from the cold surface of the stone.
“Suzi?” I whispered. “That you?” Another drop of water landed on the back of my neck, prompting me to lean sideways out of its line of fire.
“Here,” said Suzi, a tremble in her throat. Turning my head, I looked in the direction her voice seemed to have come from.
“Where?” A movement close by, then she grunted, and I felt her arm touch mine. “Thought we must be dead,” she said, with a grim laugh. Blinking again, I moved my head around, peering into the darkness, but it was impossible to make out any detail of our surroundings.
“Where are we?” I said, noting how the words echoed back at me. “A cave, d’you think?” Suzi leaned against me and I made to reach out to her. It was only then I realised my arms were held fast at my sides.
“Oh, God…”
“What?” I said, looking towards her.
“There. Look…” Turning, I saw it in the far distance – a blurry glow, waving from side to side. Narrowing my eyes, I stared, striving to make out details, a shape, anything, but all I could see was the dim light, moving ever closer. Unable to drag my eyes away, I watched as the figure of a man came into focus. Talking long deliberate steps, he walked slowly towards us through the darkness. One arm hung at his side swinging a lantern, while in the other, a gnarled fist grasped something long and silvery that glinted in the half light. My gaze slid up to his face and the two dark holes that were his eyes stared dully back at me.
“It’s him,” Suzi murmured. “He’s coming back. And he’s got a knife – a really big knife.”