Skeleton Cove

In the town of Skelton Cove, strange things are happening. School pals and horror fans Jeff and Suzi Q decide to find out why…  

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Series: Skeleton Cove Horror, Book 2

The Curse of Calico Jack

The second book in my middle grade Skeleton Cove Horror series, is a new mystery for Jeff and Suzi Q:

A mysterious book. A creepy kidnapping. A ghostly pirate on the loose. Researching ideas for a pirate story, 12-year-old Jeff and his pal Suzi uncover a mysterious book that reveals weirdly moving images of a scary pirate captain. After an old movie appears to replicate the images, one of Jeff’s teachers is kidnapped, prompting the investigative twosome to seek help tracking down the ghostly buccaneer. But Calico Jack has a history in Skeleton Cove and he’s out for revenge.

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Series: Skeleton Cove Horror, Book 1

The Demon of Devilgate Drive

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A murder in Nightmare Alley. A missing boy. A demon on the loose. On the hunt for the elusive Jimmy Brick, 12-year-old Jeff and his pal Suzi find more than they bargained for at Harry McSpawn’s pool hall. But it’s a mysterious business card that gets Jeff wondering what it is that Jimmy has got himself into. Haunted by a series of nightmares, Jeff sets out to discover exactly what’s going on in Skeleton Cove, and why the long-dead Nathaniel Darke is still exerting his malevolent influence over the town…

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