‘i-SPY At the Seaside’ by Collins Michelin






I remember these books from when I was a kid – every summer we’d get through two or three during the holidays. The ones I liked best included Trees, Funghi, Car Number Plates and Dogs. Supposedly published by a chap called Big Chief I-Spy, the books were taken on by various publishers over the years until Michelin took over in the 90’s. After a lapse, they re-published the books again from 2009. This one – At the Seaside – follows the traditional format with lots of colour pictures and points awarded for each one. Spotting the likes of Punch and Judy shows, donkey rides, sandcastles and seaside-related signs will get you anything from 5 to 25 points and children completing the books (1,000 points) can claim a badge and certificate.

Just as good as the originals, these books are a great way to encourage younger kids to read while filling in a bit of time during those long hot summers.

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