‘Following the Green Rabbit’ by Chris Hall


Following a peculiar green-tinged rabbit through the woods, sisters Bryony and Bethany find themselves in ‘olden times’. Together with their new tutor Mr Eyre, the girls find danger at every turn, and soon become embroiled in a fight against the evil lord of the manor and his cronies who rule the village.

This is a proper adventure story in a style similar to classics such as ‘The Railway Children’ and ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’. Though probably more appealing to girls, I imagine characters like the wicked Lord Childecott will interest boys too, with enough evil shenanigans to keep readers guessing about the eventual outcome. The pace slows a little after an intriguing start, but picks up again as the adventure gets into its stride. With well-drawn characters and some nice descriptions, this book will have wide appeal to readers who like their stories to have a more traditional feel.


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