‘The Missing Yesterdays’ by Terry Marchion

The Missing Yesterdays


On the planet of New Earth, Christopher and his scientist uncle try out a new invention, but a test with the matter transmitter goes wrong, prompting the whole of history to vanish. Finding themselves in a strangely familiar environment, the pair are faced with the challenge of getting things back to normal.

This is the first volume in Terry Marchion’s Adventures of Tremain and Christopher books and is also the first time I’ve ventured into this author’s work. The tempo varies a little after a rousing start, but then picks up about halfway through. I particularly enjoyed the last section of the story as the excitement builds to a jolly rattling pace, before sliding into a pleasantly unexpected ending. Though the dialogue is a wee bit drawn out at times, the narrative is otherwise clever and well written and there’s some nice humour, which helps prevent the tale from becoming too self-important.

This has all the makings of a great series, so much so, I’ve already bought book two – The Purloined Pictograph.

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