‘A Robot’s Journey to find a Heart’ by Dave Gerber and Jessie Gerber


A Robot’s Journey to find a Heart  


Realising that humans have hearts, a robot tries to find out what this means, asking questions like, ‘Can I find my heart listening to music?’ He learns about making friends, the value of listening and much more.

Written by father and daughter author team Dave and Jessie Gerber, and with images by Monika Wnęk, this is a nicely illustrated story about a robot looking for a heart. On the face of it, this is a clever idea, though I think the authors might have created a more interesting story—the robot doesn’t find a heart and the ‘answers’ he finds are all a bit generic, so it feels like there’s something missing in the way the story is told.

Dave Gerber’s YouTube channel is worth a look as it includes ‘Daddy Daughter Poems’. These are charming and imaginative, so it’s a shame the pair didn’t bring this level of creativity into the book.

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