‘Black Hearts in Battersea’ by Joan Aiken






Black Hearts in Battersea

With his heart set on becoming an artist, Simon heads for London to make his fortune. But prowling wolves and mysterious goings-on are rife in the city and Simon’s new lodgings with the very odd Twite family don’t improve matters. Uncovering a plot to kill the King, Simon is kidnapped, and it seems his hopes of victory may be dashed…

This is Ms Aiken’s second volume in the ‘Wolves Chronicles’ and while it’s quite interesting, the plot didn’t really grab my attention like the first one (The Wolves of Willoughby Chase). The story plods along in a rambling sort of way and I found myself wishing the author would just get on with it. The Twite family are amusing but even their silly carryings on didn’t hold my attention for long.

All in all, an interesting, but flawed book.

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