‘Why Animals Love Santa’ by Edit Engel and Alan Mcbrearty

Why Animals Love Santa



Santa shares four bedtime stories as he sets about taking regular walking exercises around the forest to get in shape for Christmas. From missing boots and gloves, to a goose stuck in the ice and a rabbit looking for a wife, Santa spreads a little happiness as he goes about his activities.

Supposedly written by Santa himself, along with Edit Engel and Alan Mcbrearty, this is a large format illustrated children’s book that should have been a delight from start to finish. The book is split into four stories that are aimed at everyone from the age of four and up. I assume it’s not intended to be read by four-year-olds themselves, as the text would be too difficult and while the stories are interesting and have some nice educational aspects, the writing is a little clunky with odd changes in the tenses. The book is packed with illustrations and while some are charming, there’s a curious mix of styles, as if the artist got a bit confused halfway through. I’m intrigued too, as to why Santa’s ‘story’ in the product description, tells us that he wears a green suit, when in the book he’s rather obviously wearing the more usual red.

All in all, a slightly disappointing book that could easily have been so much better.

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