‘The Closest Thing to Flying’ by Gill Lewis






The Closest Thing to Flying


Semira and her mother have nowhere to call home. Controlled by bad-tempered Robel, they must pretend they are part of his family to stay out of jail. But what if Robel is lying? Samira keeps to herself, avoiding difficult situations, but when she finds a diary from 1891, she discovers a kindred spirit whose life strangely mirrors her own. Can Henrietta’s story give Semira the courage she seeks?

Gill Lewis tells a thoughtful and clever tale of two girls, a feathered hat and a collision of opportunities, hope and courage. Though aimed at girls, this is a book for everyone who has a dream. The writing is superb, witty and sensitive, and Ms Lewis creates two distinct but well-crafted worlds, populated by characters that are endearing and believable.

This is a truly lovely book that everyone should read.

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